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Who we are

We are the link for intercultural communication

For more than 12 years, our company InEnglish has been offering professional language services to companies and professionals in Latin America and the USA.

Our focus is to meet the communication objectives of our clients, always from an innovative perspective, striving to provide them with an excellence service. Since our launch in 2003, the diversification of our operations has been growing as a result of remaining faithful to the spirit of the organization: working with passion.

InEnglish is now Goinglobal. Are you going global? Make it happen.

What we offer

Goinglobal is a service provider of consulting, language training and translation services to professionals, entrepreneurs, small, medium-sized companies, and multinational corporations in Latin America and the USA.

Training without Barriers

Through our Online Campus, we deliver our training programs and webinars and offer the best service available for our clients.


In-company training programs must meet both companies and students’ needs. We carry out needs assessments, 360° monitoring and evaluation reports, innovation strategies, and final implementation reports for our clients.

Online Courses

We focus on setting objectives and customizing the learning content according to the needs of each company. Thus, creating a learning experience that is both a dynamic and entertaining.


Written material, consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. We know that time is valuable in these days; we guarantee fast service and confidentiality. Our team of highly qualified professionals will meet all your needs.

Goinglobal Campus

Training without barriers

It’s time for a new e-learning era … InEnglish is now Goinglobal.
Our Campus is the simplest way for companies and professionals to get online training without losing the quality of a face-to-face training.
-It has been specially developed to give online training while keeping the same quality of education.
-Participants can log in and access immediately to our live classes with teachers and guests speakers, no matter where they are.
-The use of this new technology tool will save your time and reduce costs.
-Students will be connected to teachers and collaborate with each other without travelling. On our Campus, they will share their experiences, doubts and comments.
-Online courses will allow you to reduce travel, accommodation and logistics costs.
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Energy, Logistics,
Automobile, Telecoms, Tourism, Aviation.



Legal, Accounting,
Marketing, Human Resources,
Customer Care,
Sales & Purchasing.



telephoning, meetings,
emails, negotiating,

How We Work

In an ever-changing world, in a more demanding world, the real challenge is to be connected. You can expand your horizons and take on new exciting projects.

Our mission is to solve the communication barriers of our clients.

Our methodology is dynamic and customized. We analyze the needs of each client, prepare a plan, set objectives, implement it and evaluate it periodically.

Our highly qualified team of trainers and our online campus will ensure the effectiveness of your training.

Our valuable team members

Valeria Rodriguez Codina
Valeria Rodriguez Codina
CEO and Founder of GoinGlobal and WePreneurs.
2015 Vital Voices – VVLead Fellow
2013 Cherie Blair Foundation “Women in Business” Fellow
2012 Goldman Sachs & US State Department “10,000 Women” Fellow
Latin American woman entrepreneur, businesswoman and mother of 4 children.
Passionate about women leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and work-life balance.
Felicitas Rodríguez Cáceres
Felicitas Rodríguez CáceresBusiness Development
I am responsible for the accounts of the company. Planning projects that meet the needs of our customers. My priority is to always be at their disposal. Their satisfaction is our success.
Psychologist, proactive and a passionate about personal relationships.
Jorgelina Bella
Jorgelina BellaAdministrative Manager
I’m a public accountant, responsible for the company’s administration. I manage the company’s accounts with transparent growth as my main aim. I’m a mother of two beautiful kids and my most important values are respect and honesty.
Nicolas Gazzano
Nicolas GazzanoAcademic Manager
I’ve made training my vocation for more than 10 years. I am a lover of languages and an enthusiast of human relations in pursuit of group goals.
Passionate about languages and communication between people, I’ve been teaching English and Spanish for more than a decade. I love music, animals and good food. I strongly believe in the power of words.
Patricia Fernandez Bitar
Patricia Fernandez BitarBusiness Development
I am responsible for Business Development in Mexico and expanding our services to Latin American and USA. Enthusiastic about the company´s unique capabilities and services. Bringing more the 25 years experience working in Buenos Aires, Washington DC, Curitiba and Mexico City.
Mother of 3, loves traveling, especially Mexico´s “magical villages”, their crafts and artisans.


We currently base our operations in  Latin America and the USA.