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Classroom therapy by Marc de Chazal

People learn new languages for a variety of reasons. They may be travelling and want more than a survival level of the lingua franca. Perhaps they have recently joined an international company that requires a better level of a certain language (probably English) than they currently have. Whatever the reason, when it comes to adult […]

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Language training is here to stay by Marc de Chazal

Imagine if you could wander around China among the 1.2 billion people who speak Mandarin and understand what they are saying to you in real-time… without being able to speak a word of the language yourself. A new gadget claims to have taken the first big leap in this direction. The way it works is […]

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Write on by Marc de Chazal

There are some very good reasons why writing is one of the four pillars of learning a foreign language (along with reading, listening and speaking). The obvious one is that writing is an essential communication skill. Of course, you don’t need to be able to write in order to be communicative, but your communication skills […]

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