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We are the link for intercultural communication. For more than 12 years, Goinglobal-InEnglish has been offering professional English services to companies and professionals in Latin America and in the USA. Our focus is to meet the communication objectives of our clients, always from an innovative look, striving to provide them with an excellence service. Since our launch in 2003, the diversification of our operations has been growing as a result of remaining faithful to the spirit of the organization: working with passion.

Goinglobal is a service company that offers Consulting, Language Training and Translation services to small and medium enterprises as well as multinational corporations based in Latin America and the USA.

What we offer

Goinglobal is a service provider of consulting, language training and translation services to professionals, entrepreneurs, small, medium-sized companies, and multinational corporations in Latin America and the USA.

Training without Barriers

Through our Online Campus , we deliver our training programs and webinars and offer the best service available for our clients.


Written material and simultaneous interpretations. We know that time is valuable in these times; we guarantee fast service and confidentiality. Our team of highly qualified professionals will meet all your needs.

Online Courses

We focus on setting objectives and customizing the learning content according to the needs of each company. Thus, creating a professional environment that is both a dynamic and entertaining learning experience.


In-company training programs must meet both companies and students’ needs. We carry out needs assessments, 360° monitoring and evaluation reports, innovation strategies, and final implementation reports for our clients.